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Tree services start and end with our team based in Cedar Grove & Chapel Hill, NC

Do you have overgrown or unhealthy trees? An expert can save them without having to cut them down. Incana Arborist, LLC is a tree company that serves Mebane, Cary, Cedar Grove, Chapel Hill, NC and surrounding areas. Our certified arborists will assess your trees to determine what kind of help they need. We'll make sure they grow tall and strong.

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Do You Have Unhealthy Trees?

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Offering a wide range of tree services

Your trees deserve the best care possible, and we're ready to provide. Our tree care services include:

We strive to rehabilitate trees whenever possible instead of removing them. However, we're willing to remove any tree that you don't want. Call 984-999-8114 now for tree services.

Our love for trees enhances our work

Some tree companies may only focus on functionality or neatness when trimming trees. At Incana Arborist, we go a step further. We have a love for trees! Our owner is an ISA-certified arborist and has over two decades of experience. He's also a climbing specialist and can trim and remove trees safely. Following his lead, we strive to keep trees healthy and vibrant all year long. Once a year, he also takes adventurous explorers on a tree climbing expedition in Costa Rica.

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